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Kundan Jewelry

Kundan Jewelry

‘Explore the Ethereal Kundan Jewelry at Reeya Lifestyle!’

Embrace your love for heritage Kundan jewelry crafted in 22k fine gold and perfectly embellished at Reeya Lifestyle. We are the biggest Kundan jewelry manufacturer in the USA, offering a huge collection of Kundan rings, chokers, pendants, bracelets, and necklace sets at traditional Vaddanam.

The rich saga of fine-quality Kundan jewelry based on 22k gold dates back to kings and queens. The roots of Kundan’s work belong to India, where we are based originally. We offer imperial Kundan necklace designs crafted with pearls and colorful gemstones of distinct varieties. These exclusive Kundan and uncut diamond jewelry can be passed on to generations.

‘Unleash the Majesty of Kundan with Heavy Bridal Sets at Reeya Lifestyle!’

Kundan bangles and kundan necklace sets we curated hold significance as they comprise unique cultural and ethnic values. If you hold a deep desire for stunning Kundan jewelry, visit us and explore the versatile collection handpicked for all festivals and weddings. When paired with ethnic attire like a saree, dress, lehenga or sharara, this type of jewelry can evoke a saga of rich Indian culture.

Kundan Jewelry- ‘The Legacy to Behold Forever!’

Being the biggest Kundan jewelry manufacturers in California, Alaska, Texas, Los Angeles and Washington, we have a wide expansion of our online jewelry delivery. If you want to witness the magic of adorning the most magical and beautiful Kundan necklace and Kundan Vaddanam, invest in the 22K gold ornaments studded with pearl, Kundan and Polki available at Reeya Lifestyle!

Our gold and Kundan jewelry hints back the traces of royal courts from Rajasthan, Gujarat and other parts of the country. The exquisite Kundan jewelry has been worn for ages by women in unique forms. A unique fact about this form of jewelry that differentiates it from usual gold jewels is the stunning Kundan. The handpicked kundan stones are glass pieces in striking colors and embellished on the 22Kt Gold jewelry in unique patterns and styles.

The impact of precious and semi-precious stones, when clubbed with this kundan necklace or bracelet, can create an altogether regal look. It exhibits meticulous craftsmanship and ancient touch on precious jewelry, making it look more appealing. Reeya Lifestyle presents a whole new catalog of traditional Kundan jewelry that complements any festive attire or outfits!

Buy Gold Kundan Jewelry Online at Reeya Lifestyle

We are the biggest manufacturers of custom gold kundan jewelry in the United States of America and provide an exciting range of jewelry options at the best prices. One can pick from the bridal kundan necklace sets to a whole new variety of Kundan Bracelets, Kundan Choker, Kundan Rings, Kundan Pendant, Kundan Necklace Sets, Kundan Vaddanam and Kundan earrings or bangles.

Are you ready to create the biggest fashion fusion? Reeya Lifestyle welcomes you to explore the most wonderful amalgamation of traditional Kundan jewelry work with modern designs. We consciously select versatile precious, and semi-precious gemstones and Kundan to carve minutely on gold and silver jewelry. You can also get customization in design, Kundan arrangements and jewelry hangings in pearls or beads according to your preferences.

‘Biggest Made-To-Order Fashion Provider of Kundan Jewelry Online!’

What makes Reeya Lifestyle different from others is its urge to ‘DESIGN and DELIVER’ made-to-order jewelry pieces for its customers. We believe in offering the best quality jewelry designs and patterns within your estimated budget range. You can also contact us for the ‘ONLINE JEWELRY CONSULTATION’ to guide you with customized preferences for Uncut diamond, gold, cocktail diamond and Kundan jewelry designs.

Shop for the finest quality kundan pendants and chokers that have intricate work embellished on them with finesse and perfection. One can team it up with many ethnic wear outfits like the Anarkalis, Festive sarees and the wedding lehengas.

The magnificence of Kundan and the Purity of Gold are Perfect for the Magical Bridal Look!

Are you a would-be bride? Well, then, you must have plenty of dreams for the ultimate bridal look. Once you have the regal bridal outfit shortlisted, contact Reeya Lifestyle to customize a rich and glamorous matching kundan necklace set with maang tikka, rings and kundan bangles to complete the look. We believe in making your wedding day the most memorable moment of your lifetime.

Our astonishing and incredible Kundan jewelry is priceless and can be worn in versatile ways and manners. We are based in India and offer manufacturing services for Kundan jewelry in 22Kt and 18Kt Gold in Los Angeles, Columbia, St. Paul, Nevada, Georgia, Alaska, Florida and New Mexico.

KUNDAN Necklace- The Miraculous Transition of Oldest Forms of Jewelry in India

Kundan and its existence in traditional jewelry are very old, and many women still prefer it as a masterpiece to adorn their bridal trousseau. Reeya Lifestyle believes in taking this legacy ahead by imbibing the magic of Kundan jewelry with antique or plain gold. Clients can suggest to us their budget, and we are glad to help you with heavy necklaces with matching earrings in designs that surpass the test of time!

Check out our complete collection of trending jewelry sets on the website and choose designs that match your taste and preferred trends. The charismatic glimpse of Kundan earrings listed with us can give a clear glimpse of intricate details and fascinating designs. If you can settle for nothing but the best, then the marvelous kundan necklace designs by Reeya Lifestyle replicate eternity.

‘We are the Biggest Manufacturers of Coveted Bridal Kundan Sets!’

Do you prefer traditional jewelry designs adorned by popular Bollywood divas and fashionistas? If yes, then the opulent and captivating kundan bangles and kundan choker are all you need to have. We have a squad of expert designers and technical experts to help you with fabulous Kundan jewelry designs in gold and silver to match your taste.

Dreaming of a Grand Kundan Necklace but Budget Constraints taking you back?

No Worries!

Book a FREE Online Consultation with the US and get amazing ideas and concepts of Kundan jewelry to choose from. We believe in offering made-to-order jewelry solutions that can make every dream come true!

Kundan is a widely preferred semi-precious gemstone for traditional and antique gold jewelry pieces. It is a form of exclusive uncut glass studded inside the gold or silver frame to add a dazzling makeover to the plain ornament.

The intricate setting and craftsmanship required for the whole framework demand years of experience and skill. We are honored to have such special artisans from Jaipur, Gujarat and other parts of India who showcase their finesse of work and delicate settings in every piece manufactured by us.

The brilliance of Kundan unveils the most when it is smartly held inside the fine gold foil along with the 22Kt molten gold. Along with the precious Kundan setting, a dash of enameling and the Meenakari work further elaborates on the Kundan jewelry.

We can also infuse the magical transition to Kundan jewelry on special client requests by featuring it with pearls, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, ruby, garnet, topaz Jade, etc. There is a lot of room to fickle with designs and patterns here.

Best Kundan Jewelry Custom Manufacturers in America Offer the Most Exclusive Designs Online!

Kundan necklaces, pendants, chokers and earrings are available in various types of frameworks at Reeya Lifestyle. This includes elite bridal designs, delicate party wear studs or pendants with long pearl chains. Explore the extravaganza of heavy bridal jewelry pieces that exhibit the royal vibe to the whole outfit. You can combine these stunning jewelry pieces with any traditional outfit to grab the imperial look!

If you want to invest in 22Kt Jewel pieces that have been trending since antiquity, the original yellow gold with Kundan stones embossed over it is a spectacular sight. Reeya Lifestyle designs jewelry sets for all small and big occasions, including parties, receptions and weddings.

We promise you the ‘Fairy Tale’ wedding with antique kundan sets that are heritage pieces almost 100 years old. A unique feature distinguishing these sets from other jewelry is their unique dull tint. It exudes a regal look and depicts immaculate craftsmanship with an astonishing touch of Kundan. Antique Kundan jewelry is the latest trend existing and might be the one to last till infinity!

Styling Tips for Kundan Jewelry

Kundan necklace sets and Kundan Vaddanam, rings, chokers, bracelets or pendants, when styled in the right manner, can reflect your unique persona. Here are a few tips for styling up the Kundan jewelry:

  • Kundan earrings can be paired with any traditional outfit, and the embossed gemstones can further enhance the look of these pieces.
  • Pay close attention to the neckline of your dress and then team up a Kundan choker or necklace to maximize the impact.
  • The choice of conventional or contemporary Kundan jewelry is all yours. Make sure to bring out your best with design.
  • Ensemble the right type of Kundan jewelry in moderation to avoid overdoses.
  • Remember that elegance and subtle appeal of your attire can make you look stunning and add a striking touch to your personality.

Explore the most wonderful and elegant Kundan jewelry collection at Reeya Lifestyle!

One-Stop Destination for all Kinds of Customized Jewelry Needs’

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