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Diamond Jewelry

Reeya Lifestyle- ‘We Deliver Diamonds that Shine till Eternity!’

Behold the most priceless, timeless, and signature diamond jewelry crafted by Reeya Lifestyle. Made with handpicked and 100% diamonds, the diamond jewelry designs will surely steal your heart at a glance.

Start shopping for your precious diamond earrings and diamond necklace with the biggest custom jewelry manufacturers in USA, Florida. We have a comprehensive range of imperial cocktail diamond collections to shine out at upcoming parties and events with a distinct vibe.

– Best Quality Diamonds at the Most affordable prices

– 100% Certified Diamonds

– Made-to-Order Designs

– Multiple Choices and Options for Jewelry

– Curated by experienced jewelry artists and designers

Reeya Lifestyle- ‘Next Landmark for Real and Classic Diamond Jewelry Online!’

Whether engagements, birthdays, parties, celebrations, or weddings, diamond jewelry can be a perfect choice to adorn anywhere. Choosing good quality diamonds is a challenging task, and we can simplify it by bringing you premium quality diamond jewelry made in gold, diamond, and silver.

Taking a glance at our exquisite diamond bracelets, diamond necklace sets, and uncut diamond jewelry can give you a complete idea of our range of ornaments. We are the best custom jewelry manufacturers in USA who can create casual and party wear jewelry in customized designs as per the buyer’s requirements.

Diamonds- ‘A Quick Glance at the Sparkling Diamond History!’

Diamonds are fascinating gems with an alluring history dating back to 1300 AD. The saga began when Europeans began to cut diamonds and developed this precious stone that embraces mankind. Towards the 18th century, a new technique evolved where people started setting gems on metals or ornaments to wear them as jewelry. And the tradition of diamond jewelry evolved!

Even in Indian tradition, the Regal Maharajas and their Ranis were always driven away by the galore of this stunning gem that impressed them thoroughly. The diamond embellished necklaces are a stunning piece people have loved to adorn for ages. Having big diamonds like Kohinoor as the central pieces in ornaments is a story of pride adorned by many celebrities and business tycoons in recent times.

Learn More About Diamonds

Diamond Carat Weight

It is essential to understand that diamond carat weight is measured as carat.

1 Carat= 200 Miligram= 0.20 Gram.

Every carat is divided into 100 points, and a diamond with 0.90 Carat means 90 pointers.

Diamond Clarity

This indicated the blemishes and inclusions in the diamond. They are referred to as the impurities which are trapped in the diamond at the time of the crystallization process. The diamonds that have the slightest impurity can get the best clarity grade.

FI= Flawless

IF= Internally Flawless

Post that, it includes 1st Degree and 2nd Degree clarity of diamonds.

Diamond Color

The color of the diamond also plays a vital role in its selection. Majority of the lab-grade diamond that varies from D (Colorless) to Z (Heavily tinted) for measuring the colourlessness degree.

Diamond Cut

The right Cut of diamonds is important to get the right finish. Its polish, symmetry, and proportions decide the brilliance of the gemstone. Its Cut is responsible for increasing or decreasing the value.

‘Cherish Every Moment of Your Lives with Majesty of Diamonds’

At Reeya Lifestyle, we are privileged to present 100% certified real diamonds in various jewelry forms like diamond chokers, diamond rings, diamond bangles, earrings, and a lot more. Nothing can beat the excitement of adorning a couple of diamond rings if you plan to get hitched.

We are the leading providers of custom diamond jewelry in New Mexico, Georgia, California, New York, and Washington for made-to-order gold and diamond jewelry.

Diamond Earrings- ‘Bag the Most Enviable Diamond Possession from Reeya Lifestyle!’

Flickering with looks at parties or special events is something everyone loves to do. You must try to play with distinct choices of diamond earrings in both minimalistic and cocktail styles. We offer you a wide range of diamond earrings, pendants, and rings from our alluring jewelry collection at the best prices. Fulfill your dream to behold stunning and trendy diamond studs by purchasing with Reeya Lifestyle.

‘We are the BEST above the REST!’

Consult with the best custom jewelry manufacturers in America to buy a premium diamond jewelry chunk at mind-boggling prices. We assimilate splendor and grandeur to create magnificent diamond necklace sets on 14-karat and 18-karat gold for a soulful personality. Looking at our signature jewelry collection in 18Kt rose gold, white gold, and platinum finish can leave you craving for more of it.

Have you Taken a Glimpse at our ‘LATEST COCKTAIL DIAMOND COLLECTION!’

Embrace your love for diamonds; there’s no room for compromises anymore! Reeya Lifestyle cherishes the value of jewelry in every woman’s life and brings you the entire range of collections in enticing patterns.


Based in India, we can promise you diversity in traditional and modern jewelry designs for gold, silver, polki, diamond, and Kundan. Our mastery lies in creating customize designs of diamond jewelry within your price range by offering multiple choices on metals, diamonds, and weight. We have a squad of skilled jewelry artists who toil for endless hours to develop astonishing designs in premium finishes for our end customers.

Diamonds are Timeless, Classic, and Eternal!

More than a piece of jewelry, a diamond chunk is an emotion passed on as a heirloom piece to generations. It is something vintage, regal, and to be with you forever in life. Whatever may be the occasion or event, a bride’s closet remains incomplete without the diamond chunk in it.

We can relate to the feelings attached to diamond jewelry and put it across our best foot to help you embrace beautiful designs at the best possible rates.

‘Invest in the Epitome of Excellence- Brand that Bespokes Luxury!’

We crave consistent excellence and finesse while crafting each of our diamond necklace sets, rings, and choker. As custom jewelry manufacturers in Los Angeles, we believe in creating each product after detailed research on its viability. We personally intervene in transforming every jewel piece to the highest standard and quality in one go.

Perks of Buying with US:

– Flexible budget options for all jewel pieces

– 100% Authentic product quality

– Choice of materials and metals

– Trusted and Certified suppliers

– Customer-centric Deals

– Made-to-order Unique Jewel Pieces

Reeya Lifestyle symbolizes exclusive diamond jewelry that rests with you FOREVER!

What Makes US the Best?

Our journey of becoming the most renowned custom jewelry manufacturer in the USA is based on our constant evolution and a deep connection with our customers. We honor the majesty of ornaments as they are an asset and pride to wear at any event.

If you are planning to buy authentic diamond jewelry as an investment, then getting in touch with Reeya Lifestyle can surely give you the best deals! We maintain strict quality standards and follow guidelines established as a leading ‘REAL DIAMOND’ jewelry brand worldwide!

Recent Trends in Online Jewelry Shopping

The world is going virtual, and shopping for jewelry online is the latest trend these days. Buying ornaments from our top designs is now possible with a few clicks. You can choose accessories that match your personality, aesthetic, and style.

It is possible to enhance your collection of diamond jewelry by getting customized designs as per your preference. We also provide buyers with flexible payment options, delivery convenience, and other facilities.

We have numerous filters on materials, metals, and gemstones to get your custom designs. Set your preference for diamond earrings, bangles, necklaces, Mangalsutra, and diamond rings to buy jewel chunks for casual and formal wear. There are many fantastic options, even in lightweight jewelry, to choose from.

Explore Best Diamond Collection Online!

Are you looking online for trendy gold rings, earrings, and diamond necklace sets? Visit Reeya Lifestyle, the custom jewelry manufacturer in the United States of America, to get chunks in distinct price ranges as per your preference. Browse through our catalog to explore exquisite jewelry pieces crafted with perfection.

Fashion enthusiasts can purchase premium quality ornaments or real diamond jewel pieces online with us. You can choose desirable jewelry styles based on your taste and preferences by filtering products.

‘Pep Up for Your Big Day with Our Exclusive Diamond Collection!’

Are you planning for your wedding day? Bridal real diamond jewelry that enhances your outfit is worth a try. We offer premium designs and styles of ornaments that can add a sparkle to your lifetime memories.

Complementing your outfit with the perfect accessory and certified diamond gemstones is the best. We can offer these stones in distinct solitaire shapes like oval, emerald, pear, princess, and marquise. Explore uncut diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, wedding rings, diamond mangalsutra, and other latest designs online.

The cost of all real diamond jewelry varies depending on the designs you prefer to buy. It is essential to consider the diamond’s Cut, clarity, and carat for arriving at its actual cost. Our experts can guide you with the numerous options available to choose from.

Visit Reeya Lifestyle to explore the best diamond collection and get loads of options immediately. Get gorgeous diamond-studded jewelry for your collection and get hassle-free product delivery immediately.

Now include Diamonds in your daily wear with Reeya Lifestyle’s Exclusive collection!

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